HOA & COA Retrieval & Monitoring

Mortgage servicers often struggle to locate the corresponding HOA for properties in their servicing or REO portfolios. Often, a delinquent HOA account goes unnoticed, resulting in accrued fees and penalties that quickly evolve into significant HOA-related risks, particularly in super-lien jurisdictions.

Covius delivers a range of HOA-related outsourcing services to protect servicers and their investors. These solutions comply with servicing requirements and Fannie Mae and HUD Servicing Guidelines and may be an investor-reimbursable item for the servicer.

Services range from:

  • Identifying HOAs
  • Determining individual account status and balances
  • Requesting and reviewing payoff information
  • Negotiating the final payoff amounts

Covius also performs notice of default searches and will file a Request for Notice in applicable counties.

HOA Solutions Toolkit

Our HOA Solutions Toolkit provides HOA Risk Mitigation Solutions to expedite the default process when an HOA or COA is involved. These solutions can identify and manage potential HOA obstacles and provide a central repository for references and contact information.

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