Home Equity Product Solutions

Currently, U.S. homeowners are sitting on more than $10 trillion in home equity. Over the past five years, more than 5 million home equity lines and loans have been originated, often on a no-cost basis to the consumer.

Covius’ Home Equity product suite is designed to help lenders capture more of this business, while also reducing the costs and timelines of originating, closing and recording home equity lines and loans. Covius’ suite gives clients the option to select various products that can be calibrated to their customer relationships, homeowners’ equity positions and their institutions’ risk tolerance.

The suite of products include multiple property reporting options and a full set of valuation options – AVMs, hybrids and appraisals – as well as national title and closing services with document management and outsourced recording services. All of the services are available through a single portal that supports efficient, streamlined processing and produces high quality, compliant home equity assets.

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