Funding Suite Credit Services

Covius’ Funding Suite® solution offers a comprehensive range of credit, verification and fraud solutions. Services offered include individual and merged reports from all three credit repositories, multiple credit scoring models, and custom credit scoring plans and tools as well as updates, verifications, supplemental lien and judgment reports ordered through our proprietary, secure Funding Suite platform.

Our customizable credit solutions let you choose the number of repositories and configure our “Smart Credit” upgrade to a three-vendor report without having to re-pull a consumer’s file. Within our interactive Smart Credit report you can select sorting options and custom views to help analyze data faster and more efficiently.

Originators and Servicers can order soft pulls to monitor for ongoing creditworthiness and for borrower retention efforts.

Funding Suite Credit Reporting Platform

The Funding Suite platform is the industry’s first intelligent credit reporting platform, providing greater transparency into client purchasing and usage patterns. The platform provides detailed cost accounting, business intelligence dashboards, real-time status updates on open orders and interactive maps on credit order locations.

Use Rescoring to Recover Initially Declined Applicants

Our rescoring analytics help you identify and resolve credit issues as well as track consumer progress in rectifying them. Clients report gains of 15% or more in loan pull-through, using our rescoring tools. Covius™ credit solutions are available individually or bundled with our other verification solutions including SSA 89, 4506C Income Tax Verification, integrated Fraud Verification of Employment (VOE), Verification of Assets (VOA) and Income (VOI), Automated Valuation Models, Appraisal Management and software solutions.

Covius offers a full array of mortgage credit & verification services, including the most requested services below.

Funding Suite

Complete credit score/rescoring platform with intelligent reporting to provide detailed cost accounting, business intelligence dashboards and real-time status updates on open orders.

Verification Services

Immediate online access for VOE, VOI, VOA, SSN and ITIN.

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