Title and Settlement Services

Liens and other “clouds” on title can slow, even derail, purchases and refinances and significantly impact the customer experience. Covius is a single, reliable source for all title and default title transactions.

Our deep experience and proven processes can help us identify title issues early in the origination timeline and correct common defects quickly – so transactions close on time, every time.

Covius’ Settlement Services is licensed in 38 states and has national agreements with First American, FNF, WFG and Westcor. View Licenses Held

Residential & Commercial Property Reports

Title verification is one of the most critical aspects of any real estate transaction. Covius supports the verification process with property reports for both commercial and residential properties. These property reports provide clarity for the parties involved in the real estate transaction by identifying issues and risks and expediting processing and decisioning.

  • All deeds back to the most recent bona fide sale for current vested owner(s) showing 100% ownership
  • Open mortgages for vested owner(s) throughout attached chain of title on subject property
  • Assignments, subordination agreements, and modifications  for open mortgages Open liens on subject property filed against vested owner(s) throughout attached chain of title
  • Possible open name judgments for current vested owner(s) and/or prior owner(s) throughout attached chain of title(based on state statutes) Search District and Circuit Courts where applicable
  • Marriage licenses, divorces, death certificates and/or probate records needed to complete chain of title (as available in public county records of corresponding county)
  • Courthouse effective date for public county records of corresponding county
  • APN/Tax identification number for subject property
  • Assessed property values for subject property (as provided by county records)
  • Current tax information for subject property (as provided by county records
  • Delinquent tax information for subject property (as provided by county records)
  • Copies of deeds, liens, judgments and mortgages/deeds of trust
  • Dashboard and Exception Reporting
  • Optional Secretary of State Searches (UCC and Active Account) for the state of incorporation if the property is owned by a corporation

Closing Scheduler

Scheduling technology is changing the way we live. Think ride-hailing services, online restaurant reservations and doctors’ appointments. Covius’ Closing Scheduler tool brings that same simplicity and control to the mortgage/HELOC closing process.

Our white-labeled web portal lets your customers schedule closings, pick preferred locations and receive instant confirmations. It also automatically notifies all parties, adds the closing event to Outlook and Google calendars and sends reminders.

Our portal is integrated with major title and closing systems.

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