SaaS Low-Code Automation Solution

Business processes often form organically over time with combinations of documents, spreadsheets and email as the building blocks. While this can be efficient initially, as an organization grows, ad-hoc processes can become bottlenecks. Covius delivers an effective Low-Code Automation solution that is customized to your requirements and delivered as a turn-key service with nothing for you to develop or install. 

Instead of coding from scratch, our approach leverages a SaaS application platform we manage called Convergence™ Low-Code Automation. Convergence is a toolkit of ready-made modules that we assemble to create a custom application to meet your specific needs, but at the cost and with the implementation ease of an off-the-shelf product.

Convergence Digital Business Platform

Designed to easily interface with other industry standard and legacy systems, Convergence increases the speed, consistency and accuracy of data collection; improves visibility into processes; and drives faster, more informed decision-making. It can also enhance your customer experience by improving responsiveness to customer requests via a fully-integrated, mobile-supported electronic communication platform. 

Additionally, your data is secure behind state-of-the-art security features, and you can control user permissions with ease via flexible role-based security models.

Our platform enables your business to realize the benefits of SaaS quickly and affordably, and our best-in-class technology and hosting facilities keep your applications running reliably and securely so that you can focus on what matters mostyour business.

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