Portfolio Review and Account Monitoring

Covius offers a comprehensive range of credit services including credit reports, credit scores, merged reports, and individual consumer and commercial reports through our Funding Suite® Platform. Covius also offers a full suite of portfolio review, credit monitoring and borrower credit activity alerts. 

Servicers can submit borrower(s) files individually or in batches using soft pulls (which will not affect consumer credit scores) to monitor for ongoing creditworthiness and for borrower retention efforts. 

Covius credit solutions are available individually or bundled with our other verification solutions including 4506-C Income Tax Verifications, Flood Determinations, Fraud Reports, Bank Account Verifications, and Verification of Employment (VOE) and Assets and Income Verifications.

More Intelligent Credit

Funding Suite® is the industry’s first intelligent credit reporting platform, providing greater transparency into client purchasing and usage patterns. The suite provides detailed cost accounting, business intelligence dashboards, real-time status updates on open orders and interactive maps on credit order locations.

Covius offers a full array of mortgage credit & verification services, including the most requested services below.

Funding Suite

Complete credit score/rescoring platform with intelligent reporting to provide detailed cost accounting, business intelligence dashboards and real-time status updates on open orders.

Verification Services

Immediate online access for VOE, VOI, VOA, SSN and ITIN.

Flood Determination & Monitoring

Fast, accurate and compliant flood zone determination and life-of-loan monitoring services, always competitively priced.

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