Title Services

Covius offers outsourced lien-release preparation, recording and tracking services, using the industry’s most compliant and up-to-date lien release processing technology. To resolve the ongoing and costly problem of tracking the release of property liens, we also provide mortgage and lien release tracking services as a standalone service or in conjunction with lien release services. These offerings may be structured to accommodate any budget and service requirement and to comply with state and county legal, form and fee requirements.

Lien Release Technology

In addition to our outsourced offering, we have developed a new Client Self-Prepare business process management system designed specifically to manage and automate the preparation of lien releases and tracking for large and mid-sized servicers.

Lien Monitoring

Our unique lien monitoring process surveys counties nationwide weekly to identify newly filed liens. This service can be tailored for each client to monitor on an agreed upon frequency, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, to help clients manage risk within their portfolio.

Trailing Document Tracking and Retrieval Services

Similarly, Covius can track and retrieve a wide range of loan-related documents, including commercial and residential mortgages, Closing Disclosure statements, title policies, recorded deeds, assignments, loan modifications and UCC filings. Services are compliant and offer servicers and securities issuers a low, variable cost solution to the perennial industry problem of document tracking and retrieval.

Infographic showing how common title issues are.
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