Valuations & Appraisal
Services for Lenders

Covius can deliver a full range of valuation services that cover both residential and commercial properties and span the mortgage spectrum, from origination to default. Our appraisal solutions are ideal for lenders looking to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Property types covered through Covius’ valuation services include single-family, co-op, condo, multi-family and commercial. In addition to full appraisals, our solutions include broker price opinions (BPOs), value range verifications, value reconciliations, desk and forensic reviews, Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), inspections, Property Condition Reports and valuation surveillance.

Covius’ AMC—Service1st—maintains a nationwide network of more than 3,000 licensed and certified residential appraisers, as well as a panel of MAI-certified appraisers for commercial properties.

Appraisal Management Technology

AppraisalGuard®, our web-based appraisal management solution, gives lenders new flexibility and options in self-managing their residential and commercial appraisals. This solution mitigates collateral risk and ensures industry compliance, while reducing operating costs and improving the customer experience.

UCPD, UAD and EAD-compliant
AppraisalGuard connects to lenders’ panels and preferred AMCs and automates the appraiser bidding, ordering and tracking processes. It provides automated appraisal verification and review tools and provides an appraiser performance rating based on service levels and appraisal quality.

No client-side technology is needed and AppraisalGuard can be implemented and up and running in less than 10 days.

Appraisal & Inspection Management

Covius’ Appraisal & Inspection Management platform process is a customized, web application designed to oversee completion of property inspections and appraisals, including order portal, vendor management, order delivery and billing. The flexible workflow engine provides the capability to automate mundane tasks and optimize existing resources to reduce order completion time and improve the overall customer experience.

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