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Condo Package Retrieval & Reviews

When originating a condominium purchase, document retrieval can often delay underwriting, leading to potential risk and unnecessary costs for lenders. Covius offers affordable, efficient and compliant services to determine a property’s account status and expedite the review service. 

Covius’ Condominium Package Retrieval & Review solutions helps lender determine that investor eligibility guidelines are met and properties are compliant. Clients can also request a review of the documents to be certain that the condominium meets the review type and project insurance requirements. 

Our solution helps identify and prevent ineligible properties from being submitted and thereby reducing redundant costs and avoiding preventable, negative customer experiences. Our scalable process is efficient and affordable, decreasing turn times and reducing the financial risk of a drawn-out condo retrieval cycle.

Our customizable packages include: 

  • Information on the property complex 
  • Number of units occupied/sold 
  • Commercial/residential mix 
  • Flood status and insurance

First National Community Association Database

Covius developed the first national Community Association database available from a single source that captures and updates association contact information, management company information and addresses. With a simple property address, Covius can identify any association(s) affiliated with a particular property, accelerating document retrieval, facilitating better decisions and streamlining the approval process.

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