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AVM Utilization Continues to Expand

AVMs (automated valuation models) offer an inexpensive, immediate and increasingly accurate real estate valuation option for all types of users, so it’s no wonder they …

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What Differentiates a Well-Written Commercial Appraisal?

The commercial appraisal industry includes many outstanding professionals who produce excellent appraisals. But what do you do when an appraisal produces more questions than answers? …

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Understanding the GSEs’ New Appraisal Waivers

For decades, it was treated as an absolute certainty in the home buying process: if you need a home loan, you had to get an …

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Lost in The Headlines: Appraisal Fraud Risk on the Rise. What Are We Doing About It?

We’ve talked here before about the importance of valuation or appraisal data integrity.  We know that this was one (of more than a few) of …

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Appraisal Accuracy is Everyone’s Job Part II: Accuracy is Everyone’s Job, BUT Only the Appraiser is Qualified to Determine Value.

We recently wrote a piece suggesting that consumers be engaged in (or at least, informed about and aware of) the appraisal and valuation process.  You can …

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A Word About “Appraisal-Free” Valuations

The GSEs recently announced a new policy that has stirred more than a little interest.  Some have referred to it as a gateway to “appraisal-free” …

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More Efficiency In the Appraisal Process? Yes, Please. But Don’t Throw Out the Baby With the Bath Water.

The quest for the digital, end-to-end mortgage experience continues on, having really heated up in the past 18 months. This is largely a positive development, …

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Appraisal Accuracy is Everyone’s Job!

This one’s written to consumers, but really, the lessons can be applied to anyone involved with the mortgage transaction. After all, it’s everyone’s responsibility to …

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