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Delivering Greater Confidence Through Technology-Enabled Solutions

Covius, our new brand name, reflects our singular focus on delivering technology-enabled products and services that simplify complexity, streamline processes and deliver confidence to financial services companies operating in a competitive, highly-regulated environment.

Hear Pete Pannes at MBA Annual speak about the focus and capabilities of Covius.


What We Do

Through the delivery of data integration and automation, we help clients transform their daily Critical Document Management® operations in ways many could not otherwise achieve. The results we deliver are reduced operational costs, enhanced performance, less capital investment in technology, increased scalability and confident, compliant decisions.


Why Partner With Covius?

Leading financial services companies trust Covius solutions. We make data more valuable and actionable to empower decisions. Our solutions eliminate manual processes with reliable automation that adds speed and responsiveness to organizations. Our capabilities leverage innovative technology and deep operational knowledge to deliver solutions that accelerate document generation, reduce title errors and improve lien search, provide more accurate valuations and risk analysis, enhance business processes, and reduce exposure with regulatory compliance and monitoring.

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About Covius

Covius is a trusted provider of solutions, insight and technology to leading financial services companies. Our technology-enabled solutions deliver operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and empower confident, compliant decisions and borrower interactions. Covius businesses are recognized leaders in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, compliant document services, comprehensive settlement services, lien and title curative solutions, as well as rapid development, customizable cloud-based business process solutions.

All services are provided by Covius Services, LLC and its subsidiaries.


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