What are the benefits of Software as a Service?

Not all Cloud Computing is created equal

Just moving your servers off-premises (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service) does not  get your business the best of what cloud computing has to offer.

It's easy enough to be misled into thinking all your IT worries are taken care of with the low hosting fees of IaaS - but what about the know-how and hidden costs behind monitoring, security, compliance, server patching, backups, etc.?

So you move up to PaaS - Platform as a Service - by paying a very "affordable" license fee for a software plaform. You're all set, right?  Now you have to hire and maintain personnel to learn a new platform and design your application. You're still on the hook for training, development, testing, project management, etc. before your PaaS software license turns into a useful application.

SaaS - the Pinnacle of Cloud Computing

To truly benefit from cloud computing, you need to step in to SaaS - Software as a Service. No more hidden costs and responsibilities of IaaS and PaaS - this approach let's you focus on your business and let us focus on supporting the technology. You'll be surprised at how much time and money you can save by not having to develop and host your business applications the traditional way.

The Convergence BPM Software-as-a-Service platform from Covius enables your business to realize the benefits of SaaS quickly and affordably. Our best-in-class technology and hosting facilities simply keeps your applications running reliably and securely so that you can focus on what matters most - your business.