The Convergence BPM Platform

Custom-Built meets Off-the-Shelf

You find a home at the perfect price and location - but wish it had a basement, you find that navy blue SUV you always wanted but wish it had navigation, see the perfect sized laptop for your needs but just wish it had a touchscreen. You're tired of searching and searching - and don't have the time or money to get everything configured exactly the way you need by doing a custom build... so you buy anyway and adjust your requirements to fit what you just bought - a compromise.

The same story applies for business software purchases... Your distate for the cost and waiting period that's synonymous with custom-built software results in an off-the-shelf compromise being installed right in the middle of where you can't afford any compromise - your business operations. And you spend a serious chunk of cash in the process anyway.

Don't compromise. Covius delivers personalized, meaningful solutions in a fraction of the typical development time and cost of custom-built, without any of the compromises of off-the-shelf. Our development approach along with our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) private cloud hosting model substantially reduce spending on development, infrastructure and operations.

How do you do it?

Every day, without realizing it, you benefit from the flexibility and cost effectiveness of component standardization and re-use. Don't agree? Just look at

  • Your home - Built by assembling standard components - 2x4's, doors, windows, light fittings... and they were put together according to a pattern - ranch, townhouse, apartment, etc...

  • Your car - Shares components like engine parts, switches, tyres, stereos with other models, and even from other brands... put together according to a pattern - coupe, sedan, SUV, truck etc...

  • Your electronics - that you're using to read this - are assembled using standard components like CPUs, memory chips and screens - put together as a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet...

If it wasn't for component re-use, everything you bought would cost exponentially more than it does now, because everything you bought would be a custom-build.

Makes sense? We agree. That's why we created the Convergence application framework, with ready-made components that provide the functionality needed for modern Web applications, and put them together seamlessly to give you a custom-built business solution, at mass-produced price.

Component re-use doesn't mean you're stuck with what the manufacturer decided to put together though - just like you can select colors and groups of options during a new house or car purchase, with Convergence, you can select how you want your software solution put together - giving you the benefits of custom-made but at mass-produced price levels.

Check out the diagram below for all the components available for meeting your business needs in the Convergence toolkit...

Sounds great, but how is this useful to me?

The possibilities are endless... we can build you just about any solution that you need, in record time and at very reasonable cost, by assembling the building blocks that Convergence provides. This helps us avoid thinking about technical details, and instead focus on building a solution that matches your business needs.

In fact, this approach makes us more than just a software vendor - Convergence is a Business Process Management (BPM) framework. The benefit to you? You finally have a technology vendor that actually speaks your language, then builds you business solutions that work for your company at an affordable price.