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Business processes are often defined organically over time using a combination of documents, spreadsheets and email. While this can be effective initially, as an organization grows ad-hoc processes become bottlenecks. Everyone knows there’s a better way, but it's never obvious how to streamline informal processes, and the perceived cost of a solution always seems to outweigh the potential value.

Covius follows a CLEAR process to deliver an effective business solution that is right-sized to your requirements. Rather than requiring you to adapt to a complex BPM platform, our customized solution is delivered as a white glove service - nothing for you to develop or install. Instead of coding from scratch our development approach leverages a SaaS platform we manage called Convergence — a toolkit of ready-made BPM modules that we assemble to create a custom application to meet your specific needs. This approach also drives an affordable pricing model that fits your expectations and budget.

Measurable Results

Strong throughput gains and customer experience enhancements are realized by implementation of a BPM system powered by Convergence

Loan Underwriting Time
30% Shorter

This client operates a high-volume loan review and validation operation. Prior to the Convergence solution, managing their process was cumbersome at best, and required multiple people to monitor and report on progress. After the BPMS implementation, underwriting time dropped by 30% and the operation was no longer a black hole to the client, with a web portal providing up-to-the-minute status reporting.

Business Solutions

The Convergence SaaS platform is pre-configured to enable a wide range of business solutions

Case Management Portal

Enhance your client’s user experience and interaction with an enhanced real-time work item entry and tracking portal accessible from any web browser.  

Communications Platform

Improve your responsiveness to customer requests via a fully-integrated and context-aware electronic communication platform with support for mobile device based workflow.  

Project Management

Orchestrate teams both near and far with an online portal that provides your team the right information when they need it, where they need it.  

Data Collection

Dramatically increase speed, consistency and accuracy of collecting data from practically any source with our dynamic data interfaces and flexible data validation controls.  

Document Management

Integrated, secure document management provides a seamless and intuitive experience for users that increases ease of use and work throughput.  

System Integrations

Work in concert with other systems via an industry standard, secure integrations module to reduce redundancy and data inconsistency by keeping multiple systems in sync.  

Workflow Automation & RPA

Enable your teams to take on bigger and better things by automating mundane tasks using our flexible platform for automation of almost any task, even via RPA.  

Dashboards & Reporting

Improve visibility into processes, identify bottlenecks and provide real-time reporting delivery to operations, finance, executives and clients alike.  

Enhanced Security

Trust that your data is secure behind a set of state-of-the-art security features. Control user permissions with ease via flexible role based security model.  


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